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Stump Removal Tips & Techniques

Although cutting down a tree may seem like a major project, it’s actually straightforward when compared with removing a stump. Stump removal is a lot more involved, which is why it’s not usually included in the cost of tree removal. It’s also why many people have old stumps in their yards. Stump removal isn’t easy, but it is doable. You’ll get the job done more quickly and easily when you use the right techniques and methods, and there are a handful of viable […]

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Tree Services Offered

Pruning/Trimming Trees may need pruning for a variety of reasons: to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches to thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation to reduce the height of a tree to remove obstructing lower branches to shape a tree for design purposes Tree trimming is often a preventative solution to more costly problems in the future. Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of (or cause damage to) a tree, no branch […]

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Hazardous Removals

We remove all sizes and quantities of trees using methods similar to trimming trees. We perform in either front or back yards with our aerial trucks or by climbing with rope and saddle. Our experienced tree cutters and climbers can rope tree branches and logs away from any obstacle under a tree. Our professionals are among the best in close quarter tree removal. We chip all the brush and haul all the wood away. All product is 100% recycled. Cleanup […]

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Tree Felling Services

Tree Felling Services Pretoria Company is fully insured. Beware of cheap quotes the contractors may not have insurance for the amenity tree industry to protect you and your property. Tree Felling Services Pretoria and its specialist team has been delighting its customers over the years. A considerable proportion of our business comes from returning and referral clients.This is further proof of our exceptional service standards and value-for-money solutions. We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide our tree […]

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Tree Felling Prices

Tree Felling Pretoria East Prices| Boomsloping Pretoria East, Tree Stump Removal Pretoria East we have extensive experience removing trees of all kinds for a wide range of clients. Whether your tree is dying or simply growing too large for your yard, we can remove it safely and efficiently. Keep your properties looking its best with professional tree services by experienced Tree Felling Pretoria East? Centurion Tree Service in Pretoria East Gauteng, South Africa, offers tree felling Pretoria East, tree felling Moloreta Park, […]

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