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Tree Crown Reduction Service

Full Tree Crown Reduction in South Africa


Tree Crown Reduction Services

What Is Tree Crown Reduction Service?

Tree crown reduction is a pruning technique used to reduce the overall size and spread of a tree’s canopy.
In order to reduce the overall volume while maintaining the natural shape and health of the tree. 
Canopy reduction method involves selective removal of branches and leaves from the outer edges of the crown.
Tree pruning aims to remove dead or diseased branches to maintain the plant’s health.

The primary goals of crown reduction are to:

  1. Decrease Size: Reduce the height and spread of the tree’s canopy
  2. Safety: Minimize the risk of branches breaking or falling.
  3. Health: Improve the overall health and vitality of the tree.
  4. Aesthetics: Enhance the tree’s appearance by reshaping it to  correct any imbalances 

Tree Crown Reduction near Pretoria

5 Key Crown Reduction Rules

Keeping your trees healthy and beautiful takes time and serious commitment. You can use many strategies to prevent disease and maintain the aesthetic appearance of your tree. Crown reduction is just one of these important tools. When performing crown reduction on trees, following key rules ensures the process is conducted safely and effectively:


Tree Crown &
Reduction Cost

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Tree Crown Reduction Cost Guide 2024:
How Much to Crown Reduction a Tree?

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality services at a cost-effective price. Contact us today for a cost estimate and let us help you breathe easy with a clear and beautiful landscape.

The type of trimming combined with the size of the tree is one of the biggest factors to consider when getting a tree trimmed. For ease of comparison, it is assumed that the trees are in a moderate condition of upkeep. How much to crown reduction a tree in Pretoria, Centurion:

Service Type Price Range (in total)
Crown Trimming R850 to R3500
Crown Reduction R1500 to R2500

Why are trees felled in Pretoria?

When felled, trees can be milled into use-able timber that can create any number of materials and products that we find useful. We’ll look at some of the reasons we fell trees, and show why doing so in the right way is of benefit to combating the effects of the Climate Emergency.In urban areas like Pretoria, tree cutting service may be necessary for various reasons such as:

  1. Hazardous trees: Trees that are diseased, damaged, or leaning dangerously may need to be removed to prevent property damage or personal injury.
  2. Construction or development: Trees may need to be cleared to make way for new construction projects or developments.
  3. Urban planning: Sometimes trees need to be removed as part of urban planning initiatives, such as road widening or infrastructure projects.
  4. Landscaping: Property owners may choose to remove trees to change the landscape or make way for new plantings.

Why is tree cutting important?

So to protect everyone’s safety, we remove trees that are a risk. This is especially important if they’re near to places like a play area or walking trail.

Tree felling near me should be done carefully and often requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure safety and minimize environmental impact. It’s essential to hire trained professionals for tree felling to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

Tree Felling Near Me | Tree Removal  Near Me

Need a tree feller? Get the best tree cutters in minutes. We are the top-rated professional tree fellers near you. Ready to experience the difference tree felling company can make for your tree care needs? Contact us today for a free online estimate or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like all types of tree trimming and pruning, the ideal time for crown reduction is during a tree’s dormant season. This is after the leaves fall off but well before the start of spring the following year.


It’s best to avoid cutting your tree during the active growing season, which is generally from May to August. Not only can this cause more stress to your tree, but it can also cause sap “bleeding” in the spring. Improper cutting can also attract disease-carrying insects that could infest your tree.

Cutting more than 20% of your tree at once puts it at risk of stress and disease. Removing 30% or more of your tree’s foliage-producing branches could cause the tree to die.


Crown reduction can benefit trees that have grown too tall or spread out of control, especially if they start encroaching on buildings, homes, or power lines. It’s also a good method to use if you have many diseased, dead, or damaged branches. If there are more than just a few, consider reducing the entire crown for safety and appearance.


This depends on the size of your tree and the number of limbs and branches that need to be removed. Sometimes, it only takes a few hours to complete the job. In other cases, multiple sessions over several days are needed to calculate and remove the right limbs.

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