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Firewood Pretoria

Firewood centurion

Firewood centurion

Firewood Pretoria company we are proud to provide Firewood from locally felled trees from managed forests -cut, split and packaged by local County residents. Also, we have been in business for 10 years, supplying allied garden products ranging from mulches and manures to composts and potting mixes, mainly to service stations. We can also supply you with firewood, kindling, and the newcomer Rediflame – for a HOT and LONG fire.

We hope that our product, along with good friends, good food, and good conversation, will become the catalyst for picture perfect moments and happy memories. Firewood are available for braais in summer, and a warm fireplace in winter.

Our range of timber and charcoal products can be used for firewood, kindling, heating or cooking. By using firewood or charcoal to cook or heat their homes, every South African can reduce this country’s reliance on coal-fired power generation. Charcoal is not made from coal.

  • Split Firewood
  • Packaged Firewood
Fire Wood

Fire Wood

Firewood in Pretoria

While many people may think that firewood don’t exist in a city like Pretoria, you’re probably looking at this page because you know differently. There are countless wood burning fireplaces in and around Pretoria. Despite being a busy place, many people love having the chance to come home and relax by a warm fire on a cold night.

The Best Firewood Available- Every Time

Fortunately, Pretoria Firewood has you covered. We take the mess and stress out of obtaining firewood in Pretoria City, and deliver wood with insanely low moisture content.

Benefits of Pretoria Firewood for Pretoria City Residents

There are several reasons why Pretoria Firewood is the ideal solution for the people living in and around Pretoria:

Convenient to obtain: We take the mess and stress out of obtaining firewood. We make deliveries firewood directly to your home. You don’t have to explore the surrounding suburbs or look for bundles of wood at the corner deli for firewood. It arrives at your home.

Easy to Use: Each bag of firewood contains everything you need for 1-2 enjoyable fire experiences.

Extremely dry firewood: Fresh wood contains about 50% moisture, and isn’t always properly seasoned. Our rigorous drying process, however, means that Pretoria Firewood has about 5% moisture. This is way below requirements and will result in a far better fireside experience.

Less Emission: It burn cleaner, smell better, reduce creosote build-up, and create fewer emissions.

Fire Wood

Fire Wood

Safe to store inside: Most Pretoria residents don’t have a large outdoor storage area for firewood. Fortunately, Pretoria Firewood is perfectly safe to store inside. It contains no bugs or mold, and it will create a pleasant aroma. You can choose to use the firewood as decorative pieces

Firewood to Avoid

If you’re shopping around for firewood, then there are a few things we recommend considering. You will want to avoid certain types of firewood, and we’ll explain why.

  • Avoid softer woods: Firewood comes in both hardwood and softwood varieties. Some of the softer woods like pine, birch, poplar and spruce have less density, which means that they will burn much faster. Not only that, but softer woods can contain a tar-like substance that can contribute to creosote build-up. Even though softwoods might be cheaper, they are not worth it.


  • Avoid wet wood: Wood with high moisture content creates a terrible fireside experience. It creates more smoke, gives off less heat, smells musty, has higher emissions, and contributes to creosote build-up.

Instead, choose dried firewood from Pretoria Firewood. You won’t be disappointed!

Fire Starting Services

With Pretoria Firewood and our method for lighting fires, you’ll never need to blow on smoldering newspaper, collect tiny sticks from your yard, or run through a dozen matches to light one fire. Our Delivery Artisans will be happy to build and start the first fire of the season for you!  They’ll share all their expertise with you along the way, so you’ll only need a single match to quickly create warm and aromatic fires for any occasion.



Pretoria Firewood provides the best firewood available, Period. Ultra-premium dried firewood; Lights easily, burns brighter and longer, with less smoke. Our delivery team delivers perfect firewood to the location of your choice. With our products and expertise, you’ll have the best fire experience.

Our business started with two goals:

1) Provide unparalleled customer service and deliveries.

2) Provide the best firewood available.

Pretoria Fire Wood Co. spent months searching for and finding the right suppliers. Our team has worked with them to ensure they consistently meet our high standards. In order to maintain unmatched quality, all of our firewood undergoes the most rigorous drying process in the industry. Finally, we hand select each piece of firewood to ensure you only receive the best.

Passionate About Great Fires

At Pretoria Firewood, we love a great fire. Wood burning fires are not only our passion, but also essential when it comes to gathering with friends, fighting off the winter chill and cooking the perfect pizza. Our unmatched dried firewood, unparalleled delivery service, provide you with an unequaled fire experience.

We proudly serve the greater Pretoria area

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