Cutting Costs: A Comprehensive
Guide to Tree Felling Prices

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We offer competitive pricing for tree felling services. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a detailed quote based on the scope of work you require. Below is a useful information to learn regarding the average cost of tree felling services. For example:

Tree felling/boomsloping services R850 to R8500 in total.
Tree pruning, reduction and trimming R1500 to R4500 in total
Stump Grinding of tree stump R900 to R4500 per stump.
Tree rubbish removal R150 to R1800 per load.
Palm tree pruning R300 to R1000 per palm tree.

tree removal prices

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tree removal prices

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Tree Felling Pretoria Prices | Pricing Table

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General tree felling prices range from R850 to R8500, depending on the job type. Tree felling group arborist can help you if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed.

Tree Cutting

tree cutting, boomsloping services
R850 to R8 500
The cost to cut down a tree depends on a variety of different factors

Tree Trimming

tree pruning, reduction and trimming
R1 500 to R4 500
The size of the tree has a major impact on the total amount that you will pay.

Palm Pruning

seeds removal, leaves trimming
R300 to R1000
By stripping off the outer layer, cleaning the trunk and pruning the leaves.

Stump Removal

grinding, manual, burning
R900 to R4500
Stump grinding prices vary depending on the size and location

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