Tree Trimming Cost

Pretoria tree felling


Sometimes a tree survives a storm without serious damages, or without noticeable serious damages but it might be weakened and risk of not surviving another strong storm.

Tree felling Pretoria east offers 24/7 emergency tree services in Pretoria that will make sure your tree is in a good condition and strong enough to withhold a potentially strong storm and therefore safe for your property and any goods and structures on it. We can inspect your tree after a storm if there are signs or concerns that it might be damaged, and advice if the tree should be removed or have some weakened branches removed, or if a trim would be enough to help the tree completely recover, or if there should be no concerns about its strength and health.

We do believe that most damages caused by trees can be avoided, so contact our professional staff for our emergency tree services in Pretoria that will help prevent any possible unexpected problems.

Our emergency tree removal Pretoria and tree services are available to all customers throughout Pretoria and all surrounding areas, and we can be contacted 24/7.

For urgent out of hours assistance, please contact Tino on +27 79 165 964


In landscaping, our specialty is taking established properties that may have some overgrown trees & shrubs and/or worn out lawns, and revitalizing the landscape! We install many types of mulch ground covers along with edging and new plants. We can remove old worn out lawns and bring in new topsoil and sod to enhance your property.

Remember, proper landscaping ALWAYS adds to your property value. Tree felling Pretoria east will be happy to provide our expertise on your next yard project.


Tree Pruning is a very delicate price thing to do. Each species of tree may need a different method. We provide Pretoria tree trimming every month of the year as well as annually during the spring and summer for residential and commercial Pretoria East clients. We use common procedures such as crown reduction, thinning and elevating. Pruning is useful for a number of different things, these include:

• Helps to increase the health & appearance of your trees
• Helps direct more sunlight to your lawn
• Removes deadwood/dead branches
• Decreases potential liabilities of falling branches
• Maintains structural support
• Reduces stress on your tree’s support system

By the way, tree pruning can also have a very nice, positive financial effect on the value of your property. It also goes in the other direction if you don’t take good care of your trees, so it’s always important to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. It pays off in the end.
However, it doesn’t hurt to double check and ask tree trimming services about whether or not it’s the right time for trimming and pruning when you call them. They will be able to advise you and ensure your tree stays healthy and continues to grow. That’s why they’re certified and have been in the field.